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It's not often I have a commission as important - though they are all important!

This was granny's chair and it hadn't been reupholstered for some years. Despite this, there was a lot of conversation about whether it should be recovered at all. Some chairs and fabrics hold a stong emotional attachment and it can take months ... or years to let go. So, when this project came to me I knew how important its new incarnation would be. I wasn't wrong. The chair was to be a 21st birthday gift to an only daughter. First step - choose a fabric! I forwarded a list of fabric websites to try and get a sense of what was wanted.

Well, it turned out to be this amazing Iona Crawford design from her 'Garden Secrets' collection. A trip to the designer's lovely studio in Glasgow's west-end and a closer look at Harvest confirmed the choice. After a discussion, the team explained the pattern could be printed to our exact requirements on our chosen velvet and this meant this classic vintage armchair would be as bespoke and individual as it could be possible. How special is this! And the little foot stool too!

The chair was stripped of its old, tired, faded and worn fabric - so loved and so familiar to the family. This stage of the process gives up a chair's secrets - whether the frame is straight and solid, and, depending on how far the stripping back process is needed, access to joints.

This chair needed a little regluing to steady it up, and after working with Harvest, I have a feeling that the chair has settled into its frame!

Take a look at the gallery of images below - the lovely roll at the back of the chair has been reinstated. The marriage of this classic armchair and Harvest with its geometry of bright fruits has produced a stunning one off chair!


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