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Hendron & Company

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Hendron & Company is a unique independent design company which produces and retails premium quality bespoke hand-crafted furniture and home accessories.

We will take your tired and still loved furniture and give it a new look so that it fits into your home now, as you want it to.

Using beautiful fabrics, quality waxes, paints and colours, our attention to detail ensure you love your furniture once more.

Hendron & Company is the creation of Frances Hendron, who through her passion for beautiful furniture and fabulous fabrics creates a world of richly decorative works which are a fusion of treasures and future heirlooms.  Each UK made item becomes a piece of contemporary art work.  Frances imbues Hendron & Company with her own style to create her vision of how we live today.   She has a Diploma in traditional and modern upholstery from the AMUSF (Association of Master Upholsterers and Soft Furnishers) after studying with Master Upholsterer, James Keane at the Upholstery Craft Training Centre Scotland.

© Hendron & Company, Frances Hendron  All rights reserved.

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