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A Victorian chair

Ready for collection, a Crinoline chair

As anyone who has had an older chair reupholstered knows, it’s not until the top cover comes off that you really see the extent of the work needed.

The chair arrived in the back of a white van ... on spec! Lovely commission! There would be challenges, but it would be worth it.

The frame is solid - just. A bit of glue and clamping needed, and the seat upholstery required a bit of tlc. I ditched the foam(see below) and added hair.

The back seemed fine, until the cover came off. The original upholstery was worn out and came off in clumpy lumps. The lumber could be salvaged, but little else.

Now, it’s covered in a pale blue Moon wool, Parquet in Turquoise, deep buttoned and looking pretty again!

I" blue foam a more recent addition, and a sagging back!

New webbing, the project was a repair rather than a complete reupholster

'shoring' up the the seat before the hair goes on.
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