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Glamorous sofas!

It takes a bit of time for projects to be completed from first inquiry to delivery of a reupholstered chairs. However, 2020 being the year it was, meant that a request to quote for two sofas to be reupholstered took far longer than it usually would.

My client called by the workshop in February, talked about the sofas and looked at various fabric options. Finally the decision was to go for a plush shaded mauve velvet. I knew it would have to be railroaded - an upholstery term for using the fabric horizontally rather than vertically - which meant being careful about the velvet. Velvet demands to be stroked and it needs to lie in a way that means you work with the fabric! A bit like not wanting to stroke your dog backwards! Go with the pile.

Then lockdown, no pick ups, no deliveries and access to the workshop limited to 50% of my usual time. Not ideal and its just a shame the sofas weren't with me in early March! However, they arrived in late October taking up lots of space. But I was excited to get going. My client had to remove her lounge window to get them out, and it would be the same logistical miracle returning them. Nothing is ever straightforward is it?

Now, these sofas have newly upholstered seats, all broken serpentine springs replaced and they look just fabulous in their new velvet fabric. It was a little overwhelming to look at them in the workshop and know the work ahead of me (they are 3 seater sofas). Stripping them back was tough as there were many many staples. But watching them transform from shabby, well-loved-worn and uncomfortable, to sleek, inviting and plush is so rewarding. Definitely my 'biggest' project for 2020, and the longest on the schedule! I hope they give many years of joy back home.


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