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Back to the workshop!

After four busy days (five when you count set up!) this week it's back to the workshop.  It's now tidy and clean - ready to finish the little piano stool (above - it will be for sale soon). And a few other works in progress. 

At the Country Living Fair the highlights have to include great conversations with visitors and shoppers about their chairs; and other upholstery projects for home; and the big question .... ££? .... what might it cost.  It's never easy to estimate but so important to have an idea of cost.  (If you were one of these people - thank you, when you're ready I'm happy to quote formally.)

Interest in my display pieces at the show was quite overwhelming. It's lovely to have work appreciated.  Everyone needs a little appreciation sometimes!  Elsewhere there were some beautiful items for sale - velvet slippers from Mairi Helena,lovely jewellery, paintings (many fringed cows!) .. as well as countless gins to taste. 

Great to meet fellow new traders too! 

So, thank you #clfairs

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