Bespoke upholstery commissions,

and unique pieces for sale.

Established in Glasgow by Frances Hendron in 2017, H&Co offers a personal and bespoke upholstery service.  Attention to detail - in fabric choices and craft skills - demonstrate how important work is of the best quality. Care is taken to make sure every client is delighted with their newly re-upholstered furniture.  It is an investment decision to re-upholster a chair or sofa, and H&Co appreciate being the chosen business commissioned to undertake this work.  Projects of any size are welcome - large or small.    

This is Wallace, a full time employee of Hendron & Co

Upholstery commissions

Traditional and modern skills


#be seated

great colour

fine fabrics,

to your specification

Hand panted wardrobe interior



245 Onslow Drive, 

Glasgow  G31 2QE

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